Assisting you in finding your Hungarian Dream Home

Your Base for your Property search in Hungary

We are a family run business dedicated to assisting you in the search for your Hungarian Dream Property. Having dealt with property purchases and renovations since 2007, we have "first hand" knowledge of the market conditions and are able to determine, from a British perspective, which areas are more or less desirable. Our properties are either sold direct from the owners or a select number of reputable agents whom we have built a trusted relationship with and whom we know list at "market prices". At all times, we work for you the buyer to ensure that you find a property fitting your requirements and that the purchase process is smooth and trouble free.

It is worth noting that Hungary is not "the next Bulgaria" in that the West of Hungary is closer in comparison to Western Europe. Consequently, there are not villages full of property for £3,000 or less, in fact, properties in this price range, in decent areas and structurally sound are few and far between. Generally, properties in this price bracket are in villages or streets that we would never recommend buying in or they are adobe houses which are no longer savable and you are therefore buying a plot.

What we will do for you:

•Help you find your ideal property in Western Hungary
•List properties in areas that we know personally and recommend
•List properties at the local market prices
•Assist you every step of the way with the help of our team of Hungarian professionals
•Continue to be here for you long after you have bought your home in Hungary

We Do

What we won't do:

•List for sale properties in areas we are unfamiliar with
•List properties in areas known to have cheap property because Hungarians won't buy there
•Sell you a dream that doesn't exist
•Make promises we can not keep

We Don't